Avant is an innovative store providing the vision of the future. Everything they produce and sell is dedicated to creating a better future for people and the planet with the newest technology. They have four sub-brands offering products from categories of health and wellness, gaming, homeware, and food. Working with a group of six graphic designers to create the brand and a series of packaging designs for both the parent brand and four sub-brands.
Inspire people to explore and be familiar with the newest technology by presenting the brand with a professional, eye-catching, and innovative look. Build the parent brand with a minimal style and see-through materials which can easily work with sub-brands that have different personalities. Create in-store items such as exclusive water bottles to provide the best service. Design sub-brands packaging that presents variation with harmony.
[ Class ]
Package Design 4
[ Instructor ]
Thomas McNulty
[ Teammate ]
Hiuman Ng
Ema Gosali
Jingjing Zhao
[ Teammate ]
Yi-Ting Lin
Yuri Lee
Yoomi Lee
[ Project 08 ]
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