Subaru needs to evolve and establish their vision for the future of cars if they want to stay relevant to today’s 18 to 25-year olds in 10 years. A collaboration with students from Graphic Design, Advertising, Web Design, Industrial Design and Interior Architecture, to create a vision for Subaru and the future of cars in a way that feels relevant for the next generation of drivers of 2030.
Inspire people to explore and connect with the world by building a brand for a lifestyle bigger than driving. Subaru needs a sustainable vision that integrates the journey with the natural motion of nature. Design using the dimensions of nature to engage our senses and encourage exploration. We let the versatility and uniqueness of the natural elements become the guide for Subaru’s diverse catalog of vehicles.
[ Class ]
Corporate Sponsored Project: Subaru
[ Instructor ]
Akino Tsuchiya
Claudia Dallendoerfer
Tom Matano
Scott Kress
Antonio Borja
[ Designer ]
Hiuman Ng
Hanna Goransson
Nour Mourad
Robert Walker
Sofia Wiklander
[ Project 06 ]
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