Ms. Mixo was established in 1989 by Carla Martinez, who was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. Since then, she has dedicated her business to making exceptionally flavored handcrafted spirits with integrity. As a premium product in an ocean of mass-produced and more recognized brands, Ms. Mixo needs to develop an attention-grabbing packaging design that stands out from the competitors’.
Inspired by the heat and intense flavors of Ms. Mixo tequilas, the new packaging communicates the quality, culture and story of the brand. The label has a detailed pattern that pays tribute to the founder’s Mexican heritage and the uniquely flavored beverages. Each product has its own variation of the design to indicate taste, level of strength and age.
[ Class ]
Package Design 3
[ Instructor ]
Christine George
[ Designer ]
Hiuman Ng
[ Project 02 ]
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